DNRS and Children


At this time, the Dynamic Neural Retraining System instructional video program is not set up for children. However, many children benefit and recover from their own conditions as their parent goes through the program. Just like being around someone who is stressed can heighten your own stress, children are impacted by the emotional and physical health of their parents.

Before DNRS, my daughters struggled with several conditions. Between the two of them, the list included:

Chronic Daily Stomach Aches
Gastroesophageal Reflux
Food Sensitivities
Skin Rashes
Trouble Sleeping

These issues are all completely gone, and both girls are thriving and healthy!

Each of my daughters improved because of my participation in DNRS. One of my daughters recovered completely because of the changes in me and in our household. The other one improved somewhat, and then benefited and recovered fully with additional support. As I worked on the program myself, it was natural to modify some of the program tools to fit her age and specific situation. She was able to then implement these with help, and eventually carry them out on her own. I fondly remember the first time I worked with her, seeing happy tears in her eyes, followed by, thank you Mom! It was an amazing feeling. In the years before DNRS, I had taken the girls to doctors, two different pediatric gastroenterologists, a functional medicine nurse practitioner and a counselor. We also tried reflux medication and drastic dietary modification. Only DNRS offered a full resolution. Finally, there was something that worked!

One of my good friends saw our improvements, and asked if I thought the program would work for her daughters. Although she did not present with any symptoms herself, she went through the program on their behalf. She¬†ended up discovering that the program not only helped her daughters, but it changed her life as well. She said to me, “This program is such a gift!”